Pool Repair Services

It's The Service That Counts!

The advanced technology in pool systems today requires a company with our knowledge and experience.

We Can:

  • Troubleshoot
  • Guide you through the myriad of options available for pools
  • Fix what's wrong!

We are a licensed repair company: TICL #571

Pool Chlor offers several proactive programs to maintain your equipment and head off expensive repairs. We call you to remind you what needs to be done, and then WE DO IT!

Equipment Repairs

An extensive repair and installation service covering: filters, pumps, heaters, automatic cleaners, timers, automatic control systems, salt systems, lights, leaks, and other above-ground repairs.

Equipment Maintenance

Enroll in this proactive program to ensure your equipment is in working order. We provide an annual equipment inspection and 2 filter cleanings. We will notify you through the year when these services need to be done. If any repairs are needed, we will give you a quote for what needs to be done.


Head off problems caused by water seeping through damaged seals. This is a big problem in the Spring and Fall when there is a lot of ground shifting.


Make the move to new, energy efficient equipment: motors-pumps-cleaners-heaters-controls. Upgrade from a sand filter to a more efficient model. Replace old equipment when parts are no longer available.

Filter Cleaning

For cartridge and D.E. filters. Call when you are ready for a filter cleaning or sign up for Pool Chlor's perpetual filter cleaning program. We will notify you when it is time for Pool Chlor to clean your filter. You don't have remember anything or do the work yourself.

Drain and Chlorine Wash

This is a remedy for serious algae problems that develop when a pool has been untreated or unfiltered for an extended period and the algae cannot be controlled by adding chemicals. The algae infestation is removed by pressure wash and chlorine. It does not remove mineral stains. Black algae is especially resistant and may require additional treatment after the pool is filled. Disclosure statement required for this service.


From time-to-time in the life of a pool it must be drained to remove water that is chemical-laden, algae-filled, or to perform repairs. Many city ordinances govern draining; rely on Pool Chlor to do it right. Disclosure statement required for the service.

Acid Wash

Pool Chlor does not believe in acid washing plastered swimming pools except as a last resort to try to enhance the former beauty of the pool's surface. We do not actively seek this business and will perform it for our customers only after they have been fully informed and are aware of the possible side-effects. Disclosure statement required for this service.

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