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Along with our regular cleaning and chemical services, we offer additional support services to help keep your pool beautiful and working.

From repairs & part replacement to maintenance and pool operation instruction, we have you covered. Let us know how we can help you!

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Support Services

Pool Chlor is happy to offer the following professional services beyond our basic chemical or cleaning packages

Filter Cleaning for Cartridge and D.E. Filters

Call when you are ready for a filter cleaning or sign up for Pool Chlor's perpetual filter cleaning program. We will notify you when it is time for Pool Chlor to clean your filter. You don't have remember anything or do the work yourself.

Equipment Maintenance Programs

You can have your equipment inspected each year as well as receive 2 filter cleanings.

Monitoring Calcium

Quarterly testing and adding of calcium. A must for fibretech pools.

Pool Operation Instruction

For our regular weekly customers who want to learn how to manage the upkeep on their pools. This beats deciphering an owner's manual on your own or classroom instruction. Request a one-on-one session right at your pool side with your equipment.

Stand-Alone Cleaning

For our chemical customers who need an occasional pool cleaning. Billed on an hourly rate.

New Plaster Startups

For our regular weekly customers. Proper water balancing in newly plastered pools is essential for the longevity of the pool. Call for chemical balancing and brushing services.

Stain Evaluation, Removal, & Prevention

For our regular weekly customers. Our supervisors have seen thousands of pools. They can identify your stains, tell you what causes them and tell you how to get rid of them. Call to learn about the many methods Pool Chlor uses for handling those unsightly stains.


Pool Chlor services and repairs all types of equipment. You can even upgrade your old equipment or install a new energy-saving system. Call Pool Chlor for help with cleaners, heaters, timers, pumps, salt systems, filters, controls, pool lights and more. Restricted to above ground repairs.

Drain and Chlorine Wash

This is a remedy for serious algae problems that develop when a pool has been untreated or unfiltered for an extended period and the algae cannot be controlled by adding chemicals. The algae infestation is removed by pressure wash and chlorine. It does not remove mineral stains. Black algae is especially resistant and may require additional treatment after the pool is filled. Disclosure statement required for this service.


From time-to-time in the life of a pool it must be drained to remove water that is chemical-laden, algae-filled, or to perform repairs. Many city ordinances govern draining; rely on Pool Chlor to do it right. Disclosure statement required for this service.

Acid Wash

Pool Chlor does not believe in acid washing plastered swimming pools except as a last resort to try to enhance the former beauty of the pool's surface. We do not actively seek this business and will perform it for our customers only after they have been fully informed and are aware of the possible side-effects. Disclosure statement required for this service.

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